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Doyle Driving School is a friendly and professional service, covering Carrigaline and surrounding areas.  Cronan Doyle is a registered Road Safety Authority (RSA) qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) providing the very best and most up-to-date one-to-one professional driving instruction available. Don't just take our word for it - check us out on  Facebook ,Twitter @cronandds or contact us on WhatsApp 087-7976825.

Doyle Driving School offer 12 Essential Driver Training (EDT) lessons from €350*, this limited offer includes the provision of your EDT logbook and registration. (Terms and Conditions Apply, see the bottom of the Home Page)

Business Hours

Due to a large backlog of clients we are currently not in a position to accept new clients. (Updated 04th May 2021) 

When contacting us please do so within business hours, calls, SMS or emails will not be returned until the next working day

Monday - 8am -9pm

Tuesday - 8am - 9pm

Wednesday - 8am - 9pm

Thursday - 8am - 9pm

Friday - 8am - 9pm

Saturday - 8am - 6pm

Sunday - Closed

Bank Holidays / Public Holidays - Closed

In certain circumstances driving tuition may be arranged for Sunday or Public Holidays, these appointments will attract an extra charge

Here at Doyle Driving School we offer;

  • Lessons in Manual dual controlled Car
  • Lessons in your own car
  • Beginners starting to Drive
  • Drivers to Driving test standards
  • Pre-test Lessons
  • Refresher Course
  • Standard procedures for all aspects of drivers carried out


Our Rates

Here at Doyle Driving School, we offer a special price of €350 for 12 one hour EDT lessons (Manual Gear Box Only).  To avail of this offer price, The Full amount of €350 must be paid in advance.

Why not avail of one of our options as follow;

  • Option 1 – 2 equal payments of €185. The total Price of 12 EDT Lessons €370
  • Option 2 - 12 individual payments of €35 Per Hour. Total Price of 12 EDT Lessons €420
  • Option 3 - General category B driver tuition €35 per hour.
  • Option 4 - Why not assist a loved one with improving their driving skills with a Gift Certificate. Simply Text, call or Complete our contact form above for more details.
  • Option 5 - Refresher course €40 per hour
  • Option 6 - Reduced EDT (Conditions Apply) €195
  • Option 7 - 24 Hour EDT sponsored package 12 x EDT plus 12 x supervised sponsored practice lessons 3 x instalments of €250

Doyle Driving School can assist you navigate one of life’s most strenuous events, the "driving test" offering the following services;

  • Pre Test Lessons
  • Test Driving lessons
  • Test Preparation Course
  • Simulated “Mock” Driving Test
  • Test Guidance - To help you adequately prepare for the RSA driving test
  • Dual control cars for the test


24 hour Sponsored EDT package

No Car?

No insurance?

Don't worry we offer a sponsored EDT package to get you driving and well on you way to passing your test;

If you don't have access to a car or simply can't afford the insurance costs, we offer a sponsored EDT package that includes your mandatory 12 EDT lessons and logbook, but also allows a further 12 supervised practice lessons in our car.
This package is designed to permit you to develop your driving skills without the expense of owning your own car or insurance.  The package includes your insurance during those 12 practice lessons while accompanied by our instructor in our car.
If you would like to avail of our this EDT package we offer the 24 lesson package (12 EDT lessons and 12 practice lessons) paid for in 3 instalments of €250.
Interested? Complete the Contact Us form above and we'll get you started!

Pre Test Lessons

The Pre-Test contains the following;

  • A detailed explanation of the driving test format
  • Oral test preparation including obligatory questions signs
  • A detailed explanation of the RSA marking system
  • Vehicle technical checks explained
  • Simulated mock test in the test area, where practicable
  • Driving fault identification and analysis
  • Detailed corrective action with feedback and discussion and tips


Test Driving Lessons

This should be considered as a warm up prior to the actual driving test. It involves driving on roads that contain the various elements contained within the RSA driving test, vehicle checks and a run through of the rules of the road, hand signals and road signs. During this pre-test your instructor will identify your driving faults and explain how to remedy them to assist in passing the RSA driving test. Your instructor will guide you through all aspects of the driving test including the grading system. Pre-Test lessons are designed to maximise your chances of passing your test on the first attempt.  Where practicable the Pre-Test will be conducted in the test area by your qualified ADI.


Doyle Driving School Test Preparation Course

One of the main reasons people fail their driving test is lack of preparation. The Pre-Test Course is specifically designed to maximise your chances of passing your test on the first attempt.  Where practicable the Pre-Test will be conducted in the test area by your qualified ADI.

Duration - Approximately 2 hour

Cost - €70

Content - As set out in the Pre-Test detailed above. This course includes instructional lesson, highlighting how you should drive to meet the RSA tester’s requirements.

Included with every Pre-Test are;

  • RSA approved Report Sheet (Marked while conducting the practice test)
  • A Summary of Report Sheet including Requisite Knowledge and Skills required during the test
  • Vehicle Technical Checks (Questions and Queries Covered and Answered)
  • A detailed list of Sample Questions for the Oral Test including obligatory subjects


Pretend “Mock” Driving Test

This is a simulated RSA Driving test, your instructor will mark your progress using an official RSA marking system and will provide detailed feedback. This should be conducted at least one week prior to your driving test. It will help you evaluate the areas of your driving that may need attention and is an excellent environment to adequately prepare as it provides you with invaluable experience of the driving test process.


Refresher Courses

Refresher courses are generally aimed towards drivers who have passed their test but have not driven for a long period of time. At Doyle Driving School we provide a specialised course to suit your needs. We can assess your driving ability and correct bad habits and any potential errors and weaknesses that may be present in your current driving.

Refresher course promotes an increased confidence leading to more stress free and better experiences on the road.  How many lessons required is totally up to you.  Our recommendation is a 3 to 4 hour Refresher Course; at this point you decide on how many more you may need.  The cost of the Refresher course is €40 per hour.

Car Hire for driving test

Doyle Driving School offers the use of dual controlled cars which are fully insured and taxed. You can be assured that the car is reliable, safe, easy to use and available to be hired for the test once prior notice has been given. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Prices for Car Hire / Driving Test Package**

  • Car Hire for Test + 1 Hour Pre Test Lesson - €100
  • Car Hire for Test + 2 Hour Pre Test Lesson - €130


Tips for the Driving Test

Below are some pre-test checks that Doyle Driving School believe you should be aware of to help you pass your driving test.

  1. Your car should be in a roadworthy condition, if it is not you will fail your test and may forfeit your payment

  2. Ensure you are displaying the correct and appropriate discs such as NCT, Tax and Insurance and that they are in-date

  3. Try to take, a minimum of one, pre-test driving lesson. Instructor feedback and tips will help improve your driving skills in order to pass your test

  4. Learn the rules of the road. The driving test includes an oral exam on the rules of the road. If you don't know these you may fail your test before sitting into your vehicle

  5. Learn how to operate and explain your car's secondary controls. Ensure that the engine oil and fluid levels are correct and where they are located

  6. Practice makes perfect, so practice moving off, hill starts, the turnabout, roundabouts and reversing around a corner along with general driving in a multitude of environments

Remember the “P's”


If you want to book individual lessons, a course package or multiple hours, we can discuss potential discounts. So please contact us for more details.




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